LARS-dyn | mobile dynamic track scale


The LARS-dyn dynamic track scale for wagons and trains is similar in design to the LARS-m wheel contact force measuring unit, for which there is already an established market, but it has been developed for an entirely different purpose. It is used to calculate the weight of single carriages and the gross weight of entire trains.

There is an option of using static or dynamic weighing methods. The invaluable advantage of this system is that the scale is taken to the weighing location, rather than the other way round where the wagon or train is taken to the scale, which results in enormous savings in terms of both time and money.

The system is installed and removed in the same way as the LARS-m system. The process is very easy and takes just a few minutes. No special tools are required for this purpose.

The measurement is taken on the wheel flange. This means that faults related to the running surface are ruled out from the outset, such as faulty grip due to conical wheels and effects caused by the linear expansion of the rail.

The LARS-dyn weighing system consists of a robust steel construction and inner tensioning element with locknuts. These are used to fasten the measuring system inside the rails, ensuring that it stays securely in place, even over relatively long periods of time. The height of the wheel flanges can be adjusted with shim plates without the need to remove the scale. The LARS-dyn system can be fitted in virtually any type of rail. The weighing system is "deactivated" by removing the wear covers above the measuring bridge. Vehicles can run over it at relatively high speeds in this state.

The LARS-dyn weighing system is supplied ready calibrated, obviating the need for any time-consuming and expensive adjustment on site.

Track scale installed and ready for use 🔍
Start of weighing process 🔍

The system is calibrated by an independent accredited body in conformity with DIN 7500-1. This body is in turn accredited by the German national accreditation body (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS)) as conforming to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.

The MARK data dyn software module is connected to the weighing systems in order to process the data. It records the wagon weights and total train weights and generates the relevant logs.

  LARS-dyn features

  • Mobile system used to calculate the weight of carriages and the gross weight of entire trains

  • Measurements are taken on the outside diameter of the flange, thereby suppressing lateral forces which can affect the result

  • Compatible with virtually all rail profiles and track gauges

  • Sufficiently versatile for use in different installation situations

  • Patented force transmission process, preventing any potential distortion of the measurements by restraining forces

  • Minimal set-up time (installed within a few minutes) 

  • Interactive WMV measurement data controller

  • MARK data dyn software module for the management and recording of wagon and train weights and generation of the relevant logs

  • Supplied as a calibrated measuring system approved as conforming to DIN 7500-1

  • Also available in the LARS-dyn LT extra lightweight version

Technical specifications

Rail profile

Virtually all standard profiles

Track gauge

All standard track gauges, including narrow gauge and broad gauge

Sensor protection rating

IP 67

Sensor storage temperature range

-40 bis +85 °C

Nominal sensor temperature range

-10 bis +60 °C

Max. load / force per measuring point

Up to 15,000 kg / 150 kN

Above 15,000 kg / 150 kN on request

Min. load / force per measuring point

10% of measuring load / measuring force

Lower on request


2 kg / 0.02 kN

More on request

Measuring equipment class

0.5 under DIN 7500-1

Power supply

230 V / 50/60 Hz

Other supply voltages on request

Weight of heaviest single part

LARS-dyn: 55 kg

LARS-dyn LT: 35 kg

Data transfer

Digital data bus




MARK data dyn