BELAS | modular stress test rig for bogies


The modular range of workshop equipment is rounded off by stress test rigs for bogies which are made with different levels of automation for floor-mounted or underfloor use.

Floor-mounted version of BELAS stress test rig 🔍


Stress test rigs used to preset bogies are designed to simulate the load conditions to which bogies will be subject when they are subsequently deployed in real operating conditions and to set them with sufficient reserve to prevent them from exceeding their tolerance limits too early.

Together with the carriage body in stress-free position during the corner force measurement, it is assumed that the wheel contact force differentials will be largely within the allowable tolerances if there is objective evidence of the prevention of derailment.

The design of a bogie stress test rig will always depend on the type of bogies being tested, the measuring task, and the degree of automation required. There is a basic choice of an underfloor model or a floor-mounted model.

Given the wide variety of bogie types, there can be varying numbers of load points, ranging from one or two to four in the case of Jacobs bogies. Nominal load forces or overload forces can also vary immensely (e.g. 200 kN - 500 kN).

Apart from measuring specific height dimensions and other points of measurement within defined force ranges, it is important to use appropriate instruments to measure the wheel contact forces and their distribution in the bogie.

Variable gauge widths may also be of interest in certain situations.

Underfloor-mounted version of BELAS stress test rig 🔍

  BELAS features

  • Available as underfloor or floor-mounted system depending on customer requirements

  • Calculation of wheel contact forces and variations in wheel contact forces

  • Variable track gauge settings

  • Supplied as a calibrated and accredited measuring system approved as conforming to DIN 7500-1

  • Measuring accuracy exceeding ±0.5%

Version of BELAS with centre load point 🔍