Vermessungen vor Ort


Not only do we offer our services on a nationwide level in Germany but also on an international level. Many engineering projects at home and in other countries (e.g. Europe and Asia) demonstrate the interest in these types of measuring facilities.

We have measuring systems which we can hire out anywhere in the world if they are needed for relatively long periods.

Mobile ELAS-m corner force measuring system in the boot of a car 🔍
Space-saving LARS-m wheel contact force measuring system, shown here with one measuring axis 🔍

  Worldwide on-site measurements

  • Measurements on your vehicles using our own equipment (wheel contact force and corner force measurements) including provision of the necessary personnel

  • Follow-up compilation and issue of UIC, EN and DIN test reports or reports conforming to customer requirements

  • Conformity with further national or international standards also possible with our flexible software