ELAS-a | automatic corner force measuring unit


This automatic corner force measuring unit is a portable high-precision measurement system designed to calculate and set positions and reference positions of low torsional stress on coach bodies. It is used in bodywork and final assembly processes, retrofits and repairs, and is also used to analyse the condition of vehicles which have been involved in accidents. The ELAS-a corner force measuring system conforms to the requirements set out in DIN 25043 (reference force measurements). The system is also used to determine the centre of gravity and to calculate the required shim thicknesses and the gross weight.

This corner load measuring system can be supplied as a semi-automatic or fully automatic unit with electromechanical or hydraulic lifting jacks. The ELAS data analysis software is used for automatic data collection, data processing and control.

A highly innovative control concept enables a convenient automatic or semi-automatic approach of the position of low torsional stress on the coach body.

The coach body can be raised or tilted by mechanical lifting spindles or hydraulic jacks. Both designs have an integrated high-precision height levelling system and patented pendulum heads and plain bearings so as to ensure highly accurate measurements, even if the bearings are on a slight incline.

The patented pendulum heads neutralise the transmission of force while the patented bearings offset the stresses in the vehicle. This guarantees high-precision results and reproducible measurements.

The measuring system also has the guaranteed capacity to hold the height positions for relatively long times to enable the geometric measurement of the coach body.

It can be designed as a mobile system to move on carrier trucks on rails just as easily as a portable system for use on jacks.

Another unique feature is the integrated spindle which acts as a safety function to prevent the coach body from falling while at the same time protecting the measuring head when inside.

ELAS-a model with space-saving portable jacks 🔍
ELAS-a with spindles 🔍
ELAS-a with guide adapters for pneumatic spring 🔍

The system is calibrated by an independent accredited body in conformity with DIN 7500-1. This body is in turn accredited by the German national accreditation body (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS)) as conforming to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.

  ELAS-a features

  • Portable corner force measuring system designed to calculate the position and reference position of low torsional stress on coach bodies

  • Conforms to DIN 25043 (reference force measurements)

  • Automatic or semi-automatic setting of position of low torsional stress

  • Adjustment of reference position of low torsional stress

  • Calculation of the centre of gravity and total mass of coach bodies and locomotives, and of the required shim thickness

  • Capacity to hold the position for a relatively long time once reached, e.g. while the follow-up geometric measurement is taken

  • Installed within a few minutes without any special tools

  • Integrated fall prevention

  • Variable design options as jack or carrier truck system, thereby enabling use in different installation situations

  • Flexibility of location providing high degree of certitude with planning and cost considerations

  • Patented system designed to counterbalance coach body forces resulting in very high levels of accuracy and reproducibility of measurements

  • Easy to use

  • Supplied as a calibrated and accredited measuring system approved as conforming to DIN 7500-1

  • Measuring accuracy exceeding ±0.5% (±0.1% on request)

Technical specifications


Jack or carrier truck 

Protection rating

IP 54

Storage temperature range

-20 to +60 °C

Nominal temperature range

0 to +40 °C

Max. load / force per measuring jack

20.000 kg / 200 kN

35.000 kg / 350 kN

Higher on request

Min. load / force per measuring jack

10% of measuring load / measuring force

2 kg / 0,02 kN

More on request

Measuring equipment class

0.5 under DIN 7500-1

0.1 on request

Power supply

380 V / 50/60 Hz

Other supply voltages on request


ELAS data