ELAS data | software for corner force measuring units


The ELAS data software was developed and refined through to commercial viability in amicable collaboration with well-known German and international manufacturers and operators of rail vehicles. Procedures and verification processes were subject to strict compliance with the national DIN 25043 standards (reference force measurements) and therefore the acceptance of the EBA.

The standard version of the ELAS data software combines the ability to establish the position of low torsional stress of vehicles and to measure and calculate the corner forces of coach bodies with the full geometric measurement of vehicles. It is possible to configure the steps for specific models and specific measuring tasks in accordance with DIN 25043. In addition to the measuring points required for conformity with DIN 25043, the program has capacity for 20 special measuring points which can be defined by the user. The user interface is in line with the requirements set out in DIN 25043 in order to guarantee short orientation times in using the software. The software can be programmed to work with specific margins of error relating to certain model ranges and certain vehicles.

The program allows for connection to a PLC for automatic test rigs and this facility has been used for years by well-known manufacturing companies and maintenance firms.

A standard log record is supplied with the installation version. The log record can be edited and extended at will by the customer in Excel® therefore no specialist knowledge is required.

The software can work with existing measuring systems, subject to open access to the relevant interfaces. This opens up the option of retrofitting older test rigs which might still work in kilogrammes or with software limited to certain models, for example, or which do not support more recent operating systems.

The test rig display unit can be adapted to the actual test rig installation situation on site.

The program is, of course, designed for LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network) operation. A remote access facility is also provided for rapid customer support which can be activated by the user in case of need.

Measurements screen 🔍
Selection of measuring points 🔍
Specification of measuring points 🔍
Test rig configuration 🔍
Data explorer 🔍
Page 1 of the customisable Excel® log based on DIN 25043 🔍
Page 2 of the test record for reference force measurement 🔍

  ELAS data features

  • User definition of all measuring points

  • Remote access for rapid user support

  • User account control for guaranteed data security

  • Intuitive operation and short familiarisation time

  • Configuration of model-specific and vehicle-related measuring steps in conformity with DIN 25043

  • All calculations integrated in the program

  • Life-cycle logbook for each coach body

  • Set of forms conforming to DIN 25043 which can also easily be customised by the user in Excel®

  • Simple transfer of the test reports (universal Excel® format) to customers' data processing systems

  • Facility for integration of third-party measuring systems

  • Operating systems supported: Windows® XP, Windows® 7, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10 (32/64 bit)
  • Office versions supported: Microsoft® Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016