Company Profile

The company WINtec process GmbH develops and manufactures measurement equipment for railway vehicles. The focus of its work is on improving the prevention of derailment and thereby increasing safety in rail transport. WINtec process GmbH is an established name with rail vehicle manufacturing companies, maintenance firms, operators and institutes which are known nationally and internationally.

The high levels of satisfaction among our customers due to our efficient after-sales service and the reliability of our products have enabled WINtec process GmbH to become the market leader in mobile wheel contact force measuring systems and mobile corner force measuring systems in Europe.

Our products have also made a name for themselves outside Europe, however, with a primary emphasis on Asia, North America, South America, and North Africa in our business strategy.

Some examples of our customers:

  • ALSTOM Transport (Projects e.g. in Brazil, Germany, Italy, Romania, South Africa, Sweden and USA)
  • BOMBARDIER Transportation (Projects e.g. in China, Germany, France and Singapore)
  • BST (China)
  • CARS Chinese Academy of Railway Sciences (China)
  • CITAL (Algeria)
  • CSR Sifang (China)
  • Deutsche Plasser (Germany)
  • FWM (Germany)
  • Siemens (Projects e.g. in Germany, Malaysia, Norway, Austria and  USA)
  • Stadler Rail (Germany)
  • Vossloh (Germany)
  • ... and many more

But national and regional transport companies, such as the following, also have confidence in our expertise:

  • Arriva (Denmark)
  • BLS (Switzerland)
  • BVG (Germany)
  • Deutsche Bahn (Germany)
  • HKL (Finland)
  • Jernbaneverket (Norway)
  • KVB (Germany)
  • LMG Rail Car (Malaysia)
  • NBE (Germany)
  • Nedtrain (Netherlands)
  • NMBS / SNCB (Belgium)
  • NordWestBahn (Germany)
  • Osthannoversche Eisenbahnen (Germany)
  • ÖBB (Austria)
  • SBB (CFF, FFS) (Switzerland)
  • ...and many more

Many years in the railway supply industry and an in-depth knowledge of production processes and applicable regulations enable us to offer testing and measuring solutions covering every conceivable angle and meeting virtually every expectation. Functionality, reliability, user-friendliness and precision are the main priorities in our work.

The certificate of conformity with DIN ISO 9001 is the company's guarantee of efficiency and quality.

The in-house development of measuring systems and software is based on the relevant national and international standards and regulations (DIN, UIC, EN, NIST, TB/T, etc.).

Before our measuring systems are handed over to the customer, they are tested by an independent accredited body (Materialprüfungsamt – materials testing office) and approved as conforming to the official international standard MPA-STAA12K17 (a specification of DIN 7500-1) and further standards, such as ASTM E4.

This independent body is in turn accredited by the German national accreditation body (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS)) as conforming to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.